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Specializing in OEM Embedded Solutions
IOSTRING printed circuit boards from Circuit Cellar Issue 196 are available here
At Digital Creation Labs, we specialize in the development and sales of unique OEM embedded solutions.

Our most popular products include:

uCFG™ (Microcontroller Frame Grabber)
  • PAL/NTSC color video frame grabber with serial interface.
  • 4 composite analog input video channels (or 2 S-Video) with built-in multiplexer.
  • 1 composite analog video output channel for live viewing.
  • Digitize a full field of NTSC or PAL color video signal.
  • Download image data over a simple LVTTL serial UART.
  • Supports download image compression modes.
  • Simple ASCII command set.
  • Frame grab triggered by software or external triggers.
  • OEM plug-in daughtercard design.
uCFGEVAL™ (uCFG Evaluation Kit)
  • Full uCFG evaluation kit includes everything needed for evaluation.
  • uCFG daughtercard included.
  • uCFGMB motherboard included.
  • 5 ft. DB9 male/female RS232 communications cable.
  • Regulated +5V DC adapter.
  • Convenient Windows-based PC viewer software utility.
  • Includes the fully documented MS Visual C++ 6.0 source code for the PC Viewer software.
  • Includes full circuit schematics and user manuals for both uCFG as well as motherboard.
You may visit our products pages for more information about our products.

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