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Specializing in OEM Embedded Solutions
At Digital Creation Labs, we specialize in the development and sales of unique OEM embedded solutions.

Our most popular products include:

uCFG™ (Microcontroller Frame Grabber)
  • PAL/NTSC color video frame grabber with serial interface.
  • 4 composite analog input video channels (or 2 S-Video) with built-in multiplexer.
  • 1 composite analog video output channel for live viewing.
  • Digitize a full field of NTSC or PAL color video signal.
  • Download image data over a simple LVTTL serial UART.
  • Supports download image compression modes.
  • Simple ASCII command set.
  • Frame grab triggered by software or external triggers.
  • OEM plug-in daughtercard design.
uCFGEVAL™ (uCFG Evaluation Kit)
  • Full uCFG evaluation kit includes everything needed for evaluation.
  • uCFG daughtercard included.
  • uCFGMB motherboard included.
  • 5 ft. DB9 male/female RS232 communications cable.
  • Regulated +5V DC adapter.
  • Convenient Windows-based PC viewer software utility.
  • Includes the fully documented MS Visual C++ 6.0 source code for the PC Viewer software.
  • Includes full circuit schematics and user manuals for both uCFG as well as motherboard.
You may visit our products pages for more information about our products.

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